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Latta Kefir

Latta has proven itself over the years as a company that is willing to strive for healthiness without sacrificing taste. Combining traditional authenticity, taste, and healthiness into a cacophony of splendor, Latta Kefir has really outdone itself. | About This Kefir


Although Evolve falls a little short in the health department, overall they’ve managed to produce a very good tasting kefir that is a huge hit with the kids. Their fun and playful marketing caters towards families and by tasting it you can tell why – its delicious! | About This Kefir

Trader Joes

Trader Joes is known for healthy foods and organic options and their line of kefir products doesn’t disappoint. And because there are Trader Joes stores across the nation, their kefir drinkables are easily accessible and fairly affordable. | About This Kefir